EP14: Piano Music Show_Come Back To Me Plus 2 More Songs

March 1, 2017

Wow! More Piano Music for you. 3 songs. One pretty. One bouncy. One introspective. I forgot I had this one in the box.

These are 3 instrumental piano music selections, written by me -- Dan Gloglee of Glo Glee Music. I recorded these in Central Florida where I was staying for a few weeks in the early winter of this year 2017. There's one song that is an instrumental version of a song I wrote that has lyrics. But not today. The 2nd song has rhumba blues piano. Very happy and peppy. The 3rd song was written right at sunrise after a long night of travelling.

I recorded them live as is -- no overdubs, no midi, no nothing except me, my fingers and my friend's piano. Oh yeah ... and some cool, yet moist Florida air.

I've been doing these piano music show podcasts for a few months now. Please leave some feedback here. I love it when you do.

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Peace, Love and Thanks!

Dan GloGlee


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