S2E01 New! First Episode of Season 2 Piano Music Show Podcast

July 25, 2017
​​​​​​Hi All!

This weeks is very special. It marks the return of the piano music show podcast.

The second season begins with a longform version of what we began a year ago.



This longform version of the piano music show podcast has been a real team effort. A true family affair. Our son Keaton was the producer. He did the narration and all of the editing as well as the sequencing of the music selections.  Thank you Keaton. Keaton is our oldest son and is a broadcaster right now in the minor leagues for the Seattle Mariners out in the desert league in Modesto California.

Murphy is our second son and has been a major inspiration in prodding his dear old dad into continuing this podcast into a much longer version that you are about to hear in a few moments.

Amber my lovely wife and manager is taking care of everything else in terms of putting the newsletter together when I'm out on the road and loading it up onto iTunes and all of the usual places online.

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